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Intelligent Process Automation

Speed up your automation journey, advance your data accuracy, and unleash your potential.

What is Intelligent Process Automation?

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) or Robotics Process Automation (RPA) as it is sometimes called, is the use of software to automate mundane and repetitive business processes. IPA uses machine learning algorithms, software and even artificial intelligence to remove the need for staff to spend time on unnecessary manual tasks.

Ultimately, it’s all about finding efficiencies in your daily operations and increasing accuracy. By removing the risk of human error, IPA ensures better performance and reduces staff costs. The beauty of IPA lies in its versatility. With the skilled experts at Neevista on your side, so many of your business processes can be automated.

Use cases for IPA include financial transactions such as, orders, deliveries, stock control, invoicing and payments. HR functions such as time sheet approval, background checks, payroll processing and so much more can also be managed using intelligent process automation.

With IPA you can bring several software programs and systems together, meaning you only need to enter information once. For example, if you schedule a meeting via email, IPA could instantly book a meeting room, notify attendees, update calendars, remove an attendee’s availability for other tasks, and even take meeting notes during the meeting. By automating these mundane and time-consuming tasks, your staff have more time to work on growing the business and your overall operational efficiency is increased dramatically.

The Benefits of Intelligent Process Automation

As you’ve learned, IPA helps you automate time-consuming manual tasks in your business, reducing the need for manual labour. But, how exactly is this achieved? Some of the many benefits to your business include:

• Accuracy: Reducing the risk of human error increases the accuracy of all data. This means better reporting, more robust data and better decision making.

• Flexibility: When you hand manual tasks over to machines; you have more flexibility to cope with peaks and troughs in demand. Rather than hire more staff to manage admin tasks in busy times, let IPA do the work for you.

• Scalability:As your business grows, so does your workload. This is often noticed clearly by an increase of admin staff. However, with IPA your systems grow with your business. Rather than hiring extra staff, you can simply find smarter and more efficient ways of working with IPA.

• Reliability:The modern business doesn’t just operate 9-5. Customers want instant answers to questions 24/7. They want to be able to place orders, obtain information and communicate with you around the clock. IPA allows you to service customers 24/7, all year round.

• Productivity:Boosting your operational efficiency with intelligent process automation doesn’t mean you need to lose staff. While this is certainly a benefit for companies looking to reduce staff costs, IPA also increases productivity in other ways. You can keep all your staff but get them working on things that matter such as marketing, promotion and growing the business. Leave the repetitive admin tasks to machines.

• Consistency:: Maintaining consistency of data is crucial for accurate reporting. With intelligent process automation, all processes are handled in identically, which removes the risk of human error and output variations. This also applies to customer service automation, as you can ensure customers receive consistent information every time.

• Audit trail:For the most accurate and reliable reporting, you can’t go past IPA. Access fully maintained logs essential for compliance.


• Automatically processing accounts payable invoices by intelligently reading from different invoice templates with high accuracy.

• Automatically processing accounts receivable invoices by intelligently allocating cash in the bank to various customer invoices.

• Intelligent dunning notifications for maximising the collections for the goods or services provided by your business.

• Automate the process of predicting recession based on various data points extracted from alternative data sources.

• Holistic stock assessment based on both structured and unstructured data.

• Automate the process of loading exchange rates into financial systems.

IT Operations

• Automation of the application deployment process including automated testing.

• On-Boarding/ Off-Boarding employee process including granting or revoking access to enterprise applications.


• Automate information gathering on different companies in any particular sector to identify potential customers or competitors for your business.

• Automate data extraction and verification from disparate sources for lead generation and event management purpose.

• Lead scoring for targeted marketing for your prospects or customers.

• Eloqua Insights to Eloqua Integrator.

• Automate posting content in different social media channels for effective customer engagement.

Human Resource Management

• End-to-End automation of Hire to Retire (H2R) process.

Contact Centre

• Improve customer experience by efficiently handling multiple customer enquiries by utilising AI.


• Time saving solutions for educators.

• Examination assessment automation.

Supply Chain

• Understanding customer ordering behaviour to improve the customer experience.


• Claim processing for health insurance funds including detection of fraudulent claims .


• Intelligent de-duplication of customer/vendor/ student records or other master data.

• Automate tasks like account signups, verification, changing billing information, deleting accounts, ending trial subscriptions etc in several consumer facing platforms with subscription services..

Why Neevista for Intelligent Process Automation?

At Neevista, we start with analysing your business thoroughly. This gives us the insights we need to develop the perfect customised IPA solutions for you. Every business is different, and that’s why our solutions also need to be adaptable.

We’re a robust team of experienced professionals with the current knowledge, technical skills and the understanding of business to deliver results. Our goal is to analyse your business and leave no stone unturned in finding the very best IPA solutions to increase productivity and efficiency.

Our wealth of shared experience, proven implementation track record and flexible approach to our partnership delivers the following key benefits:

• Customer satisfaction: Our goal has always been customer satisfaction and always will be. We ensure the best IPA solutions to improve your business operations.
• Personalised partnership: We work to fully understand your business needs before recommending solutions. We keep you updated and informed throughout the project.
• Customised solutions: Our IPA solutions are tailored specifically for your unique operational requirements..
• Enhanced accuracy: Manual errors are a common thing in business processes but with our automation services, you will experience enhanced accuracy in all automated processes..
• Visible ROI: Neevista ensures increased productivity with Intelligent Process Automation, which will ultimately help you achieve an increased Return on Investment.
• Low-cost: No additional custom software and no hiring an extensive workforce. Our services with bots will cost you less than continuing your manual processes.

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