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Enterprise Resource Planning

An ERP platform would allow you to seamlessly integrate all the processes that are essential to running your business.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning and What are the Benefits?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a platform that supports the monitoring and analysis of data from a number of integrated business processes. It allows decision makers the access to real-time information on all sorts of business functions including Human Resource Management, Finance, Supply/Chain, Inventory Management, Sales, Customer Relationship Management, Inventory Management and much more..

These business functions include several individual business processes, all of which can be reported on in real-time with a high-quality ERP platform. For reporting and decision-making purposes, ERP is essential. When all of your business functions and process are integrated correctly, management has access to significantly improved reporting options. They can make sense of operational data across different departments, individual KPIs and a range of useful performance metrics. ERP takes the guess work out of running a business, and supports key stakeholders to make data-driven decisions and adjust business operations accordingly.

The Benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning

We’ve discussed the data and reporting benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning above, and that it can be summarised quite easily. An effective ERP platform enables you to plan and run your business on a single platform. Rather than making assumptions, business leaders are able to make decisions based on hard data that would be a nightmare to obtain without ERP.

Furthermore, ERP has a number of specific benefits depending on your type of business. For example, eCommerce and ERP integrations enable retailers to automatically process information through online sales channels. This is done in real-time, using a secure data integration facility. Importantly, decision makers receive this information instantly.

ERP integration also assists in Order Processing and Inventory Updates. Data is collected from the ERP platform and sent directly to the e-commerce website. This in turn delivers precise information and updates to your customers.

Some of the other common benefits come in the form of improved compliance which certainly can make the auditors content. Businesses can procure and pay for goods and services reliably using an ERP platform whilst ensuring appropriate business approvals are captured during the process. This also includes automatically making payments by integrating the Accounts Payable module with different banks or payment providers. Businesses can also get paid and record the payments from their customers by automatically allocating cash in the bank to the open customer invoices in the Account Receivables module of ERP platform.

For organisations that utilise a separate hiring system, an ERP platform can be reliably integrated to provide enhanced employee experience and remove inefficiencies from the hiring or onboarding process.

Ultimately, an ERP becomes a central hub for data collection, reporting, and accessing business-critical transactional information thus assisting business leaders identify opportunities by getting a single view of their customers or vendors. With further integration and automation, your business becomes the well-oiled machine you always knew it could be.

Why Choose Neevista for Enterprise Resource Planning?

At Neevista, we can help you implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform for your business. We go the extra mile for our customers, and it all starts with analysis and planning. We understand that every business is unique, so your software tools need personalisation. Our consultants work extensively with clients to understand their business, because that’s how we deliver the ultimate ERP solutions.

Here at Neevista, we pride ourselves on being a technology and domain agnostic company. This means we don’t just use selected pieces of technology, but rather we look far and wide for the perfect technology. As such, we can cater to your unique business requirements and also your budget. .

This holistic approach to data-driven business solutions also means we’re experts in integration. We can integrate your ERP platform with any number of third-party business systems, ensuring your staff don’t need wholesale training on new systems. You can keep running with what you know, and it’s only the reporting that changes.

No matter how large or small your business is, as we can implement and support Tier1 ERPs (Oracle EBS, Oracle fusion, SAP, Workday etc), Tier2 ERPs (Intacct, Netsuite etc.) or Tier 3 ERPS (MYOB, Xero etc). You can trust the expert team at Neevista to deliver quality outcomes and power your business into the future.

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