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NeeVista is a digital consultancy helping businesses like yours to streamline processes and drive performance with contemporary technologies.


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Digital Consultation Is More Than Advice. But Different How?

Conversations For What's Possible

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Conversations That Count

Leverage in-depth domain knowledge of consultants who understand your business, process, and industry.

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From Problem To Possibility

Human centered solutions that deliver on investment by making technology work effectively.

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Blueprint For Success

Be it business reinvention through technology or solving the problems, we create a unique blueprint for you to be on the right path.

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Do More With Less

The cumulative experience of the consultants at NeeVista helps you to navigate uncharted waters and drive business growth with confidence and clarity.

Full Scope Digital Consulting Services

Minimum Hassle, Maximum Efficiency, and Greater Impact

Marketing Automation

Be it cross-channel engagement or lead nurturing, spend less time on repetitive tasks, and drive measurable growth with marketing automation consultation from NeeVista.

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Intelligent Process Automation

Increase throughput and reduce human error with software bots at work. Let NeeVista take care of the automation schemes that allow your employees to concentrate on high-value projects.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

Outpace the competition by implementing ERP solutions and streamlining business processes. Make the journey from strategy to implementation a cakewalk with NeeVista ERP consultants by your side.

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Customer Relationship Management

Get thorough guidance on finding the best CRM that helps you to sell faster and retain customers. Create personalised experiences with expert CRM consultants holding your hand throughout.

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Digital Enterprises Solutions

Transform your vision into reality with insights into the digital marketing world. Be it brand development, SEO, or content. NeeVista consultants help you with creating grounds for success.

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Enterprise Performance Management

Fuel business growth with expert guidance on corporate planning, analytics, and reporting activities. Stay one step ahead of the game with a measurable and sustainable framework.

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Insights & Analytics

With NeeVista, you turn data into insights which is crucial for gaining competitive advantages. Our analytics-driven consultants help you to make data-driven decisions for better performance.

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Human Resources Management

Transform the workplace with expert advice on HR policies, procedures, recommendations, and HRIS implementation. NeeVista consultants help you find the right people for the right career.

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Got Questions? We Got One Too!

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Values That Make Us Different

Quality Is More Than A Word

For us, quality is more than a word. It is an approach that takes the center stage in everything we do. Our love for detail and passion for the work make us go above and beyond.

We Are Always On Our Toes

Speed is essential for keeping up with the fast-paced business world. Our consultants believe in building things fast, adapting learnings in the process, and coming up with an even better solution.

Transparency, Trust, & Relationship

These three words mean the world to us. Be it daily updates or bringing innovative ideas to the table, we do it all for the partnership with you. Nothing stops us from going an extra mile for the relationship we build.

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Delivering Digital Advantage

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to technologies. We work with your preferred tools and platforms so that you get a sustained competitive advantage.

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