Comprehensive stock assessment

What Was the Project?

A global asset management company were seeking to improve their investment decisions by providing their portfolio managers with a user-friendly system.

This system would ideally provide data by extracting, transforming and loading from disparate sources to combine internal and external data points on stock market performance to determine market opinion or expectations. 

A dynamic visualisation dashboard with historical performance data, analyst investment recommendations and alternative data was requested. The dashboard would allow users to access various filters and trend analysis to accurately define their viewing parameters.

What Were the Main Goals?

The client desired a holistic system that could be easily utilised by their portfolio managers to make more informed investment decisions.  

The system should automate the process of data collation and display on a user-friendly dashboard, providing analytical information with minimal manual intervention.  The controls should be responsive, accurate and provide real-time information with in-depth reporting functionality based on various financial models.

By providing such a system, the client could make timely, informed investment decisions with confidence; generate stronger return on investment (ROI) and subsequently develop and maintain customer confidence. 

How Did We Complete the Project?

Neevista had the task of identifying the most appropriate analytics and business intelligence (BI) platform to utilise for the dashboard. 

Based on our comprehensive research and experience in providing dedicated digital solutions, Neevista was able to recommend the most reliable and highly recognised platforms to source and display the information that would satisfy the client’s specifications.

Neevista’s focus was providing the right software solution for the client, and determined that Microsoft Power BI, with the benefits of its ease of use, reliability and established reputation within the industry, would provide an efficient foundation for scalability and performance for the new dashboard. Data ETL was also delivered with Snowflake, allowing for structured and unstructured data to be collated and displayed from varying sources within the application. 

Python was used to create the financial analytical models as it is a widely-used programming language, ensuring that any future updates or modifications could be easily managed.

What Challenges Were Faced?

Ease of use, speed and accuracy were key requirements for the new dashboard application. 

Bringing together all the data touchpoints into a seamless and easy to use application with dynamic visualisations and charts, provided much complexity and variables during development. 
This required regular liaison with the client to ensure the dashboard and data indicators were up to the required standard and performing as desired. 

Working with external providers and global markets required some adjustment in time management, to align with differing working hours and market opening times. Whilst this caused some short delays to the production, testing the correlation and back-testing of data, Neevista was ultimately able to focus on other aspects of the project in anticipation of the markets.

What Was the Result?

After extensive planning, data mapping and programming, the dashboard application was presented to the client. 

Working collaboratively with the client throughout the development process allowed Neevista to ensure the product was finely tuned to their specifications prior to implementation. Providing post-implementation support, ensured the client experienced minimal issues and required little training when changing over to the new dashboard. 

Having modelled the dashboard satisfactorily to the client’s requirements, providing quality development with regard to ease of use and reliability, and delivering the product within the desired timeframe, Neevista created a dedicated and positive customer experience.

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