Automation of data extraction and verification for event management

What Was the Project?

An event management company required a solution for the automation of data extraction and verification for the purpose of collating contact lists for conducting large corporate events. 

To date, the process of gathering these details required searching a number of online sources to identify suitable customers and obtain their contact details. Following the collation of the data, a manual process of data verification would occur to ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of the information including contacting each potential customer directly by phone and through the use of an email validation tool.

The company requested a solution that would consolidate and reduce manual labour through the automation of the collation and verification process, with the aim of saving time, reducing costs and increasing accuracy to ensure data integrity. The tool would require compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

What Were the Main Goals?

The client required a solution that would reduce manual labour to collate and verify the contact information of potential customers. Due to the time-intensive nature of this process the client was spending a majority of their time on these tasks, where it could be more productively spent on higher value work such as marketing to new customers and servicing their current customer base. 

A tool which could automate some, or all, of this process would allow additional time for the client to invest in customer liaison and collaboration, and subsequently result in a higher quality service overall. The time saved through the utilisation of this tool would also enable room for identifying continuous improvement opportunities and business growth.

How Did We Complete the Project?

Neevista was engaged by the client to identify the most effective solutions to satisfy their requirements and fit within their budget. 

Through extensive research it was determined that a user-friendly, automated data extraction tool would be the ideal tool to meet the client’s brief. 

This automation platform would collect and verify data to ensure accuracy of at least 90% by automatically validating email addresses and comparing the contact data with the information available on different online sources. 

The solution would have a simple user interface to enable the collection of information based on the specific parameters outlined by the customer; requirements such as name, company, job title, industry, location, email address and phone number. 

The tool would be GDPR and PDPA compliant to ensure the client would not breach regulatory and legislative obligations. 

A detailed proposal was provided to the client which encompassed the specifics of the project including a problem statement, proposed solution, proposed workflow and a plan for training and implementation. 

What Challenges Were Faced?

In order to develop a customisable solution to meet the client’s requirements, it would be necessary to build a platform that was compliant with the data security and privacy standards. This would facilitate the creation of the platform and enable any necessary updates or changes to be implemented in the future. 

This issue was a simple matter to overcome. Neevista was able provide intelligent automation through a custom application developed by our experienced team, and ensure any future modifications required would be managed effectively. 

What Was the Result?

Neevista, through effective client liaison, identified the requirements and expected outcomes of the project to determine the best way forward to meet the client’s needs. 

A prototype of the automation tool was showcased at the client’s location during the development process. Following a successful demonstration, Neevista’s team were able to deliver the platform within the desired timeframe and provide training to the client.

As a result of the client’s extreme satisfaction with the outcomes Neevista delivered on this project, we are now considered long-term partners and have the opportunity to be involved with any future scalability – a demonstration of our technical capability and ability to build strong, effective working relationships.

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