Automated reporting of Environmental, Social and Governance performance

What was the project?

A world leader in investment solutions requested a simpler, more efficient way to monitor and measure ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) characteristics for applicable funds.

One of their aims as a fund manager is to deliver innovative client solutions for a sustainable future.

As investors and companies are becoming more focused on the importance of non-financial factors when making investment decisions, it’s essential to have the ability to measure the variables and provide the information in an understandable and accurate format.

The process of manually collating the required information was time-consuming, inefficient and labour intensive.

What Were the Main Goals?

The client requested a digital solution to quantify the sustainability impact of an investment fund/portfolio to provide informative ESG information to its customers, and with the aim of reducing the manual labour required during this process. 

Without an established industry-wide application or specific criteria to measure and display this information, the data would need to be extracted based on key indicators provided by the client and displayed in a manner beneficial to their portfolio considerations. 

The ESG assessments would be determined using data from relevant touchpoints, therefore the ability to automatically collate the required data from various locations was crucial to the overall project.

The information would require a unique way of being displayed within the portfolio as a standard template did not exist. 

How Did We Complete the Project?

With a focus on providing accurate and timely data across various touchpoints, Neevista worked collaboratively with the client to ascertain their visual requirements in order to display the information in a way that would be useful, easily accessible and informative.

Using this information, Neevista commenced work on developing the ESG assessment portal in combination with the back-end systems to store the data. Once complete, the two ends were connected to establish the foundation of the dashboard that included various metrics and visualisations.

What Challenges Were Faced?

Developing this application from the ground up required Neevista to create the framework before any data points were connected, as without the dashboard and back-end framework there would be no capacity to store or display the information. 

As well as information being displayed in real-time, historical information would need to be stored. Without an existing tool for measuring, displaying and storing ESG data, this created a longer delivery timeframe than most projects.

What Was the Result?

Having worked closely with the client to establish their requirements, Neevista was able to ascertain the key criteria for measuring ESG performance. With the client providing this information, Neevista could focus on ensuring the various portfolio-related data in the dashboard was available for ESG analysis. 

The prototype was demonstrated at the client’s location and satisfied their specific requirements prior to production and implementation.

Post-implementation support was able to provide modifications and relay this information to the client’s internal technology team for future adjustments. 

Neevista provided the client with a tool they can, with confidence, assess and provide ESG performance data to their investors. This custom-built solution demonstrated Neevista’s ability to deliver complex technology solutions and has created an opportunity for future global scalability.

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