Why Using Robotic Process Automation Is the Best Solution for Your Business?


Large and small businesses, technology leaders, and CIOs are now turning to Robotics and Automation to optimise business processes and keep up with their competitors in the market



Organisations consider this technology to solve business problems by helping reduce human errors, increase productivity, provide transparency, cut labour cost, ensure compliance and consistency, and develop efficient customer interactions.



Robotic Process Automation & Robotic Automation



IT innovation and technology have managed to merge Process Automation (PA) and Robotics to offer organisations solutions that enhance business operations. Process automation has one agenda - to allow movement from one task to another with little or no human involvement.



In the business world, PA becomes Business Process Automation (BPA), Business Automation, Digital Process Automation, or Digital Transformation. BPA automates simple and easy to do tasks that can be done economically, quickly, and with minimal errors.



Business process automation promotes the use and integration of software applications in an organisation. This business change allows you to merge interrelated activities or processes. After fully automating your processes and workflows, you can decide to run digital technology using software agents.



Robotic Automation tends to replace Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). It is an emerging field that uses both software robotics and business process automation (BPA) to improve the workflow process. Here, the entire business process is completely relieved from human intervention apart from maintenance.



RPA uses digital labour, otherwise known as “bots” or software robots to execute some business processes that can be easily automated. It works similar to the Screen or web scraping technique but in a more advanced way.



Robotic Process Automation can easily integrate with your current business software systems and IT infrastructures. RPA exploits the space between the human and machine or computer interaction through a layer of the user interface (UI). This approach, combined with the availability of a range of advanced RPA platforms, has made automation via RPA simple and attainable as compared to traditional automation.



For you to build and maintain a competitive advantage in the market, you will need a high level of accuracy and consistency in your processes. The use of process automation makes it is easy to streamline and standardise processes.



Robotic Process Automation Solutions



Do More with Less



Robotic Process Automation comes as a solution for companies that do not have the same resources as their more established competitors. Companies looking to serve more customers by leveraging their existing workforce without compromising on customer experience can harness the power of RPA.



Robotic Automation finds application within an organisation in different areas such as project management, marketing & sales, finance & accounting, management, operations, IT, customer service or support, call centres, human resource, procurement & supply-chain, administration, and social media management.



Since you are automating rule-based or cognitive tasks, by utilising an RPA platform like Automation Anywhere, you will get to improve your company’s compliance with market regulations and standards. Optimising business processes is now easier than ever before, so you no longer have to wonder whether Robotic Process Automation is best for you and your company.



RPA is flexible and can serve different industries such as finance, banking, insurance, research, logistics, education, legal, and pharmaceutical industries.



Taking the Robot Out of The Human



Organisational tasks that are simple and repetitive consume time. Using Robotic Process Automation to execute routine tasks can improve the morale of your workforce. Robotic Automation performs sets of day-to-day business tasks or processes that are:



  • Recurring

  • Pre-defined

  • Computer-based

  • Repetitive or routine

  • Structured with Predictable steps




As the digital labour deals with routine tasks, human labour gets to focus on more complex, desirable tasks that need decision making. This solution is the best strategy when there is a need to redeploy smart workers.



Upskill Workforce or Creating New Job Categories



Besides employee satisfaction and motivation, this new concept allows your employees to focus on value-added activities. In the end, they will be happier and enjoy every single moment working with you. You have to make your workers picture the Robotic Process Automation bots as teammates working towards a common goal.



Robotic Automation can drive positive change in your organisation and ensure the use of best practices. It’s not just about replacing human labour; the improved process automation ensures that you have a transparent, flawless, streamlined, and cost-efficient workflow.



By collaborating activities in different departments, it becomes easy to allocate the required resources to the right person or task. You do not have to reduce your workforce; you need to free up your employees to do more valuable and interesting work.



RPA Solutions



Easy to Use and Train



The Robotic Process Automation bots can be trained to learn your policies, standards, and how your business operates. Their flexibility allows them to do exactly what you want them to do.



A Robotic Automation system is capable of watching you perform the tasks on the graphical user interface (GUI) and then mimic the actions performed by the user. All you need to do is define a set of instructions, and the RPA bots will perform the task. It is highly customisable, scalable, and can work in any organisation.



RPA is an ideal technology for non-programmers who wish to design and develop solutions for a specific use. Most RPA platforms provide a drag-and-drop interface with little IT involvement in it. This digital solution does not require any form of coding or programming.



Transform Customer Experience



Human errors are costly and present a poor image of your business, and you’ve got to fix them. Using Robotic Process Automation will eliminate these mistakes, which in turn will improve your customer experience and impression of your brand.



By using Robotic Automation, you get to improve your response time, which translates to customer satisfaction when you meet your product or service demand at the right time.



If deployed well, a strategy based on RPA promises a positive change in return on investment. It is a great space to be in and creates a significant change in your business using digital transformation technology.



NeeVista can transform your imagination into reality using Robotic Process Automation software solutions. Book now or request a call back, and we will help you choose where to apply RPA to gain the greatest benefits from automation.


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