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Robotic Process Automation

Speed up your automation journey, advance your data accuracy, and unleash your potential.


Neevista offers a comprehensive range of Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Automation services.

Whether you’re just starting your robotic process automation journey, have completed a proof of concept/pilot or have commenced an implementation program, Neevista will bring a wealth of shared experience, proven implementation track record and flexible approach to our partnership with you.

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a concept whereby software is used to operate your applications and systems, similar to the way a person would process a transaction on a computer system.

This concept allows increased productivity without the need for human operators. Broadly we can say that RPA tools are proving to be effective in enhancing operational efficiency by eliminating unnecessary manual tasks.

This is why we at Neevista provide the best services for the businesses looking to upgrade to RPA. We firmly believe in the greater consistency and control on work offered by automatic desktop activities and processes.

The team of experts at Neevista is highly experienced in the analysis and conversion of human efforts to robotic automation. We develop algorithms according to the unique needs of Australian businesses, providing Robotic Process Automation services to enhance the efficiency of your business.

What RPA Has Got To Offer To Your Business?

RPA assistance will help you automate time-consuming manual tasks in your business, reducing the need for manual labour. But, exactly how does RPA help? The benefits of implementing RPA in your business include:

• Accuracy: Helps with data calculations, improving the efficiency of decision making.
• Flexibility: Instant ramp up/down to deal with spikes and troughs in demands.
• Reliability: 24/7 year-round availability.
• Productivity: Freeing your manual resources for more value-added tasks.
• Consistency: Identical processes that help eliminate output variations and human error.
• Audit trail:Fully maintained logs essential for compliance.


Why Neevista for Robotic Process Automation?

When deciding to improve your business with Robotic Process Automation in Australia, it is essential to seek out the best services. At Neevista, you’ll find a robust team of experienced professionals who are up to date with the trending RPA technology and leave no stone unturned to provide your business with the perfect Robotic Process Automation.

When dealing with larger companies, you will often be passed around between account managers who have business knowledge, but lack technical skills. With others, you might find the opposite. Even worse, you may find a large consultancy firm’s account managers aren’t necessarily skilled in business or technical application

At Neevista, we understand the needs and processes of business operations, and we also have the technical skills to formulate solutions.

Neevista is your number one choice when striving for increased productivity and efficiency in your business. Our unmatched service provides you with the following benefits:

• Low-cost: No additional custom software and no hiring an extensive workforce. Our services with bots will cost you less than continuing your manual processes.
• Customer satisfaction: Our goal has always been customer satisfaction and always will be. We ensure the best RPA services which are certain to improve your business productivity.
• Reduction in staffing cost with increased productivity: With our service, you can successfully work on automating several rule-based repetitive processes, without the need for labour, resulting in increased productivity.
• Enhanced accuracy: Manual errors are a common thing in business processes but with our automation services, you will experience enhanced accuracy in all automated processes.
• Visible ROI: Neevista ensures increased productivity through our assistance with Robotic Process Automation, which will ultimately help you achieve an increased Return on Investment, rising with lightning speed.


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