We design and execute the best solutions for your business needs.

Discover our strategy and technological capacity in achieving your desired goals.

Digital Design

We strongly believe that every relationship is built on trust, transparency and honesty. Before we start your website design, we collaborate with critical stakeholders in your business to truly understand your expected goals.

We try to engage the stakeholders throughout the web design process, informing them in every stage, right from the build to when your project goes live.

Digital Design identifies the profile and nature of an organization, it’s products and services and then interprets the brand’s awareness to consumers.

Also, our creative design team delivers a professional graphic experience as part of marketing strategy to create an irresistible brand for your consumers.

We can build your Logo, Design your Website, Informational Flyers , Brochures, Magazines and Restaurant Menu’s to provide a visual identity to your business.

We are therefore, convinced that our service provides brands with the ability to be relevant to their customers at every given situation and opportunity, in a faster and scalable way.

Digital Development

Do you have an idea? We can sketch it on paper, conduct a reliable research and bring it to life.

Neevista have the capacity to execute brilliant strategies to develop and promote our client’s innovative ideas.

We design and create amazing online stores with a brilliant design that ensures a maximum user experience whilst shopping.

Our responsive design for your website will provide seamless experience across multiple channels be it mobile, desktop or an iPad

Digital Marketing

It is possible to have the world’s finest website but the question is, how can you attract and build the right clientele?.

At Neevista, we utilise state-of-the-art technologies to ensure that your website is optimised and easily found with top search engines, thereby giving it an edge over myriads of competing websites.

We also collaborate with clients to design and execute a comprehensive online strategy across marketing campaigns, SEO, social media presence, email marketing, e-commerce, content writing and other creative services that would enable you to capture your customer’s attention.

In a bid to provide valuable insights for your business, our robust team of professional marketers is always motivated to fashion out strategic thinking, which is vital in promoting your goods or services in the online world.

Enterprise Resource Planning

At Neevista, we can help you implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform for your business. An ERP platform would allow you to seamlessly integrate all the processes that are essential to running your business including but not limited to customer relationship management, order management, billing, human resource management, finance, accounting, inventory, procurement, and Payroll. This would enable you to plan and run your business easily on a single platform.

Now you would no longer need to manually scan your e-commerce website and other online stores for orders, and then process them manually on your multiple spreadsheets. Our e-commerce and ERP integrations enable retailers to automatically process information through online sales channels, and this is done in real-time, using a secure data exchange facility.

Our ERP integration also assist in Order Processing, as well as processing Inventory Updates from the ERP System, directly to the e-commerce website which in turn delivers notifications and updates to the consumers.

Human Resource Management

Want to recruit star resources for your business but struggling to find time out of your busy schedule? Be it a business administrator, receptionist, office manager, graphic designers, technologists, senior manager, directors or other C-suite executives, Neevista can cater to all recruiting needs of your business.

Our specialist recruiters will partner with you at every step of the way from sourcing, screening, shortlisting, interviewing to offer letter.

Our team will ensure that the process is hassle free for your business. Rest assured, we shall also organise background checks and reference checks for every candidate you would like to recruit.

Have a small Human Resourcing (HR) department that is struggling to cope up with the ever-increasing recruiting needs of your business? At Neevista, we offer Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service to support your HR department.

Enterprise Performace Management

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is essentially the process of monitoring performance across all business activities, with the ultimate goal of improving your operational business performance. This activity obviously increases operating margins and fuels organic growth.

Enterprise Performance Management enhances your organization’s ability to respond to market conditions, drive profitability and deliver accelerated and reliable financial processes.

By aligning personnel, process, technology, and other existing resources can enhance performance in a given set of business processes.

At Neevista, we can provide assistance for implementing EPM practices within your organisation to align your corporate vision with current operations and existing business performance
Therefore we can help you to:
Vision – Define the objectives of the organization that you wish to achieve over a period of time.

Plan – Outline the plan to achieve the objectives defined as part of the Vision. Create an Enterprise Performance Management strategy that is aligned to your goals.

Execute – Undertake the activities defined as part of the plan.

Evaluate – Utilise state-of-the-art tools to create a measurement platform that helps determine and optimise critical lead or lag business metrics.

Run – We offer real time support to your platform from our dedicated managed service team of experts.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship management (CRM) systems are software solutions which organizations uses to for manage relationships and interactions with customers. This strategy helps companies get truly connected with customers, control sales processes and enhance their revenues.

The relationship and interaction includes: first contact, conversion, sales funnel, real time sales and marketing, and renewals.

The main objective of CRM is to enhance business relationships and one way to do this is to centralize all information in one platform and provide it to merchants at the point of customer contact.

CRM software solutions involve functionality such as: scheduling, performance checking, workflow, automation and recording. Its monitoring tools offers a detailed view of customer satisfaction as well as an insight into the entire sales and marketing process.

To ensure the longevity of your business, you need to adopt a strategy for the future. You need to fashion out sales targets, business goals and profitability. But, getting a reliable information about achieving this feat can sometimes be delicate.

Now, you need to ask yourself the possibility of translating the large flow of data from sales teams, customer service staff, marketers and those in social media monitoring, into a profitable business information?

With a CRM system, you can have a clearer view of your clients as all the data is centered in one customizable dashboard. Content of this data include: a customer’s transaction history with you, the status of their orders, issues about customer service, and more.

You can as well, decide to include information from their various social media accounts which reports their activities such as reactions, comments, shares, and posts.

Another benefit is that marketers can utilize CRM system to better understand sales channels, making forecasting simpler and more accurate. This certainly gives you a clearer visibility of every opportunity, giving you a better signal to distinguish between enquiries and sales.

Because CRM is used as marketing tool, customer service teams utilize it effectively to resolve complaints from customers without even losing track. For example, a customer might raise an issue in one of the channels while they switch to the telephone to get it resolved but perhaps it happens via CRM system, it will be resolved on the same platform.

Insights & Analytics

Insights into the operational data within your business are crucial to managing your business. These insights can help you to evaluate the performance of business against the planned objectives and can assist in identifying and remediating issues at an early stage.

The operational data may include social media data, transaction history, customer feedback, inventory information, recurring revenue, collection information and beyond.

It also combines all relevant data in simple and intelligible reports so you can easily incorporate all aspects of your business in a single view.

As part of our services, we avail strategies for better data management in order to effectively drive business performance using Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting.

With driver-based financial modelling and other business intelligence reporting, it will be easy for you to analyse operational Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your business and drive cost efficiencies.